Acarus Sarcopt – The First Day With No Sun (2 CD)

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First album by ACARUS SARCOPT from the Charente area, “The First Day With No Sun” offers a desperate odyssey in the inmost depths of nihilism, like an encounter between the universes of Lovecraft, Merritt and Andrei Tarkovski’s “Stalker”. ACARUS SARCOPT performs Black Metal inspired by DISSECTION, ENSLAVED, AT THE GATES, BATHORY, DEATH, EMPEROR, ULVER… By the way, the album ends with an ENSLAVED cover song. The second CD is made of all the band’s demos, as well as the “Steckt Wie Ein Nagel” demo when they were still called L’OMBRE DU SACCAGE (which also featured ASMODÉE members). This double CD presents the complete first part of ACARUS SARCOPT’s discography, which will demonstrate that the band does not have to prove itself anymore… A 2 hours descent into Hell, in their tormented universe.
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