Clouds – Doliu (Official Unreleased Bonus Track Edition)

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Personal Records is proud to partner with modern doom legends Clouds and present long-overdue CD reissues of a significant portion of their back catalog for the American continent each with exclusive bonus track. The first of these, 2018’s Dor, will be released on April 16th. The second, Doliu, shall follow on April 30th, 2021.

Personal Records’ campaign is the first time that Clouds’ Doliu, Departe, Destin, and Dor will receive a label release. Every other CD released to this day has only been self-released by the band and in limited quantities. As such, collector’s prices for Clouds’ back catalog currently go for insane prices, so Personal’s reissues will at last be a chance for those who were left out or didn’t want to pay those insane prices to afford the works of today’s leading atmospheric funeral doom-death band. In addition, Personal Records is working with Clouds on a special, exclusive fifth release; details to be revealed in time.

Clouds was born out of grief and loss, a story like so many others of this kind. However, the music is what remains of this whole process of having to lose the ones we love. The music speaks of it; it carries the soul to another world where sadness, grief, and pain are no more.

Clouds was created by Daniel Neagoe in 2012, and the following year saw the birth of its first album, Doliu (Romanian for “Mourning”). The album was amazingly received by both media and the public and saw the start of the band’s ascension.

In the years to come, Clouds released several albums and made its first live appearances, gathering members from Shape Of Despair, Funeral, and Pantheist and participating in the world’s most dedicated festivals, both indoor and outdoor, such as Doom Over London, Doom Over Kiev, Dutch Doom Days, Doom Over Bucharest, Gothoom, Doom Over Vienna, and headlining shows in special locations, such as the Amuz Cathedral and Valkenburg cave.

Clouds’ recordings have been highly acclaimed and consolidated its name onto the doom scene as one of the leaders in the genre. As longtime fans of the band, Personal Records is thus honored to be working with Clouds on these long-overdue reissues.

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