Harfang – Slice of Life (2 CD)

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HARFANG was performing some energetic Heavy Metal whose most lyrics were written in French. The band was active from 1984 to 1990. This double CD gathers their discography: 3 demos and 1 song taken from a compilation. The set is completed by many high-quality live recordings that present a lot of unreleased tracks which never got recorded in the studio. A HAMMER gig – their previous band name – is included and it also offers JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN cover songs. You will find in HARFANG’s style what represents the Hard Metal glory of the 80’s in France, along with bands like ATTENTAT ROCK, BLASPHEME, CHARTER, DEATH’S ANGELS, DER KAISER, HIGH POWER, MISTREATED, VENIN, VIXEN, VOODOO CHILD… A real gold nugget now available at last, and essential for any self-respecting Heavy Metal underground maniac. Join the snowy owl for its ultimate flight! 16-page booklet. Cover art by Renaud B.

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