Mare – Spheres Like Death and Throne Of The Thirteenth Witch

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Available on smoke red vinyl.

  • Gatefold w/ slipcase
  • Including a double-sided poster
  • 2020 re-issue

A remaster of the two EP’s Spheres like Death and Throne of the Thirteenth Witch.

Spheres Like Death was recorded winter 09/10 e.v at Brekstad, except Offerlam recorded autumn 06 e.v in Red Cave.
Mixed and mastered by Kristoffer Vansvik.
Witch chant on Nidrosian Moon Sabbat by Malefica.
Throne of the Thirteenth Witch was recorded under the December fullmoon 06 e.v.
Remixed and remastered by Kristoffer Vansvik.

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