Perverticon – Extinguishing The Flame Of Life (CD)

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On September 15th internationally, PERSONAL RECORDS is proud to reissue PERVERTICON’s cult-classic debut album, Extinguishing the Flame of Life, on CD format.

If there was ever a band breathing the fire of the ancients, it’s Sweden’s PERVERTICON. Although they’ve only released two full-lengths to date, both records resonate with the rich history and purple-hued mysticism of mid/late ’90s black metal – particularly the oft-misused (and, sadly, largely dormant) “melodic black metal” appellation. From sound and spirit on down to their “are they still around?” status, PERVERTICON are the definition of a CULT band.

In their own words, PERVERTICON are “arguably an abomination that should have been strangled with its own umbilical cord,” and they thus came into existence in late 2011. Their ambition since then has been to create punishing and unrelenting yet atmospheric black metal, firmly rooted in an intensive hatred towards this vermin-infested planet. The power-trio first manifested the debut album Extinguishing the Flame of Life in 2013, released by Cacophonous Records offshoot Mordgrimm but only on vinyl. Six years later, PEVERTICON joined forces with Iron Bonehead for the second album Wounds of Divinity, sticking to their classicist guns but reaping acclaim worldwide.

While both PERVERTICON albums are equally deadly, pride of place must go to Extinguishing the Flame of Life, for it threw down the gauntlet for this now-rarefied style of black metal. Nevertheless nasty, the album reaped a whirlwind of spellbinding melody and cascading violence, all tethered to thoughtfully dynamic songwriting. Pure, undiluted second wave Swedish black metal this may be, but PERVERTICON weren’t merely (and listlessly) running through tired, old tropes. If anything, they took a torch from those mythical burning churches and stoked those fires with a ravening personality and “star power” all their own. Now, a decade after its original (and very limited) vinyl release, PERSONAL RECORDS is honored to release Extinguishing the Flame of Life on CD format for the first time ever.

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