Acid Blade – Power Dive (CD)

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On December 2nd internationally, PERSONAL RECORDS is proud to present ACID BLADE‘s striking debut album, Power Dive, on CD format.

As the name implies, PERSONAL RECORDS will always release whatever the label likes. So, having this in mind, ACID BLADE is a first on their roster: the band is PERSONAL’s first 100% heavy metal signing, and the label could not be prouder of that. An ode to ’80s heavy metal, Power Dive delivers a powerful opus of headbanging madness, and PERSONAL RECORDS’ release will be the first time the album’s available on CD.

Hailing from Dresden, Germany, and rising from the ashes of previous project Angel Blade, ACID BLADE play powerful HEAVY METAL: timeless and true! However, as ACIDBLADE, this is a much heavier and more dynamic band, with influences ranging from ’70s hard rock and NWOBHM to early US metal, thrash, and punk. While mashing together different styles, ACID BLADE‘s sound remains raw and honest, which, paired with the characteristically versatile voice of frontman Klay Mensana, will not disappoint any fan of their former work. Power Dive is their first full-length, originally released this summer on cassette.
With well-received shows at Nukstock Festival, Leipzig’s Heavy Rock Total Festival, and as a support act at one of the gigs of the “Kings of the Underground Tour” by Enforcer, Evil Invaders, and Ambush already under their wing, ACID BLADE are sure to deliver a blazing set that will please each fan of authentic and energetic heavy metal. And armed with a dark ‘n’ dramatic debut album as Power Dive, their future looks bright indeed. PERSONAL RECORDS is honored to release this stellar record on a wider scale, as ACIDBLADE rightfully pursue bigger and bigger stages.
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