Cadaverous Quartet – The Complete Agenda (2 CD Edition)

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On January 14th, 2022, PERSONAL RECORDS is proud to present the complete discography of CADAVEROUS QUARTET, The Complete Agenda, on 2CD format.

PERSONAL RECORDS is mainly known for pushing new/unknown bands into the world, but besides CLOUDS, the label have once again decided to reissue an all-time favorite: all the complete works of Arizona’s CADAVEROUS QUARTET in a 2CD edition containing their extremely rare and sought-after-debut album, 1994’s The Extinction Agenda – which goes for crazy collectors prices – and their two earlier demos, 1991’s Corpses Breathing Singing and Dancing and 1993’s Know Your Coroner. A throttling example of American death metal in the early ‘90s, CADAVEROUS QUARTET maintained a sound that showed shades of classic Malevolent Creation, early Gorguts, and even Death before they went all prog, but all done with extremely efficient songwriting and thoughtful (and topical) lyrics. Not overly polished but neither too raw, The Extinction Agenda is the lone full-length snapshot of what the band were – and what they could’ve become. The two preceding demos include earlier versions of a few songs that ended up on the album, and prove that CADAVEROUS QUARTET were worth reckoning from the very beginning.

For CADAVEROUS QUARTET’s career-spanning collection The Complete Agenda, PERSONAL RECORDS spared no expense. All recordings have been remastered from original tapes in the case of the demos, and the sound is extremely superior to the original releases. Also, the running time is nearly two hours across both discs, containing their entire discography. This reissue also includes liner notes by the band specially done for this release as well as photos and the usual stuff. Lastly, the cover art for The Extinction Agenda has been redone since the band used a Pulitzer Prize-winning photo and don’t want to use it now, notwithstanding that the cover art for The Complete Agenda encompasses their complete works and not just the one-and-only album. All told, a work of love for PERSONAL, and a mandatory purchase of maniacs of old-school death metal!

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