Carathis – The Haunting of Sablewood (CD)

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On September 15th internationally, PERSONAL RECORDS teams up again with CARATHIS for a new EP, The Haunting of Sablewood, to be released on CD format.

Always restless but always exciting, CARATHIS present a dramatic shift in their songcraft on The Haunting of Sablewood, keeping their melodic black metal core but pushing it even further – a unique nexus of horror-oriented heavy metal and creepy deathrock. As our comrades at the Transmissions from the Dark YouTube channel so colorfully write, “I am pleased to present a spooktacular new release from Erech Leleth’s CARATHIS project – he of Ancient Mastery, Narzissus, GRANDEUR, and several other intoxicatingly cool projects – with an EP of fiendish melody and playfully eerie atmosphere! Fully expect the start of ‘The Anniversary’ to tip in to ‘Welcome to the Jungle,’ which I suspect is fully deliberate – it does not, but it does accelerate into some glam speed metal with sinister blackened screechy gothic vocals, which kinda describes this whole EP, but doesn’t capture the euphoric rush that it keeps delivering in so many detailed little flourishes. Be they changes in pace and tone, vocal styles, riffs or rhythms, this whole record is a deliriously cool rush of metal and rock. And then bam – it is over! A sugary dark delicacy, pitch-black that will get you a bit hyper – like licorice, expect licorice is disgusting, and CARATHIS is awesome.”

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