Litosth – Cesariana (CD)

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On February 2nd, 2024, PERSONAL RECORDS is proud to present LITOSTH’s highly anticipated third album, Cesariana, on CD format.

LITOSTH is the physical manifestation of the visions of Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Maicon Ristow and bassist Wendel Siota. Founded in 2016, LITOSTH channel a torrent of feelings and life principles in the form of music, which definitely does not respect any type of barrier or limitation.

Formed by members of the most prominent black metal bands in Latin America (Patria, Mysteriis, Swords at Hymns, Dark Celebration, I Gather your Grief), LITOSTH bring a new approach and a breath of fresh air with their unique way of creating music. Following two albums – 2019’s Crossed Parallels of Self Refraction and 2022’s Farther From the Sun – LITOSTH are now set to release their third full-length, Cesariana. Armed with absolutely top-notch production, Cesariana sees the duo go even deeper in their quest, delivering a mix of almost unthinkable influences. The basis is melodic black metal of a most ’90s vintage, but threading inside and out this visceral work are everything from dark pop from the ’80s, epic classical music, and a wide swath of other metals – doom and dark metal, especially. Cesariana is thus a work that feels boundless and brave, all the while exhibiting a focus that’s exceptionally concise given that breadth.

But, lest one think LITOSTH are betraying their black metal roots, think again: Cesariana contains a massive amount of melodic black metal grandeur, cosmic and symphonic in equal measure, sheathed in a soundfield that allows all atmospheric undercurrents to vividly convey the band’s vision. That theme sees Cesariana as a resilience manifesto, written in eight songs that celebrate the tragedy and the curse about the fact of being alive, even against one’s will. It is a cry not of agony, but of revolt – against the establishment, and against the magic formula for happiness. And it was never just music…

Behold one of the new year’s boldest and biggest-sounding records with LITOSTH’s Cesariana!

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