The Pit – Of Madness and Evil Whispers (8-Panel Digi)

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On July 14th, PERSONAL RECORDS is proud to present the long-awaited second album of Mexico’s THE PIT, Of Madness and Evil Whispers, on CD format.

Hailing from Queretaro, Mexico’s THE PIT was formed in 2004 by bassist Octavio Olachea and guitarist Antonio Nolasco. Guillermo Galván joined the band a few months later on vocals (these three members are still with the band) – and then drummer Alejandro Franco and guitarist Vicente Licea joined after. With this lineup complete, the band recorded in 2006 two original songs and a cover for a split album with Piraña, jointly titled Mechanical Jaws Invasion.

Back then, THE PIT performed uptempo thrashing death metal influenced by melodic Swedish bands from the late ’90s like Darkane, Soilwork, and Dimension Zero. Carrying this sound forward, the band recorded their first album, Disrupted Human Symmetry, released in 2008 by the cult Ablaze Productions. Across the nine-song album, the lyrics focused on humanity doomed by technology and its unavoidable destruction. Thereafter, from 2010 to 2017, THE PIT experienced a number of lineup changes as well as intermittent activity. It was not until 2019, with the addition of new drummer Mauricio Villalón and second guitarist Angel Villegas, when rehearsals and composition resumed.

Now, at long last, THE PIT are prepared to make up for lost time with their LONG-awaited second album, Of Madness and Evil Whispers. Here, this new and revigorated lineup wastes no time in establishing itself with power, poise, and propulsion. Indeed, the energy is off the charts here, as THE PIT make every riff, rhythm, and righteous vocal cord rip and tear with total fury. And whereas their old, Swedish melodeath-oriented sound would’ve sounded remarkably fresh in 2023, THE PIT aren’t ones to rest on their laurels, and instead have moved toward a cavernous-yet-clear death metal that’s both sepulchral and timeless. With lyrics influenced by Lovecraftian mythology, the unknown horrors of the universe, and ineffable entities of death who despise humanity, Of Madness and Evil Whispers certainly lives up to its title, and then some: while there’s undeniably more atmosphere here than in their earlier work, THE PIT thankfully eschew the usual cliches of “sepulchral” death metal and never forget the importance of actual songwriting; no riff salads or convoluted caverns of atmosphere only. For those who thrill the dark delights of Dead Congregation, Ignivomous, Phrenelith, and latter-day Imprecation, embark upon a trip Of Madness and Evil Whispers with THE PIT!

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