Venenum – Trance of Death

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It makes a difference in effort and time, either to dig six feet deep or to build Necropolis.

VENENUM decided for the latter… and it was worth every fucking second of wait.
5 years after the successful s/t minialbum, VENENUM strike with their debut full-length entitled “Trance of Death”.
The album presents VENENUM on a new level of brutality and contains new & never before heard layers of darkness.
The six new compositions + introduction-theme are a grand melt of unique visions and unaltered tradition,
weaved & merged into a complex unit of sacred horror.
“Trance of Death” is far away from being another onedimensional tribute to the grave…
it is reverence & praise, a hymn to the impending end of all things.
Twisting & turning, up & down, back & forth, entangling songs and parts evolve in a constant flow.
“Trance of Death” is the most serious approach towards creating a soundtrack to Death.

Join a 50 min ride through the deepest depths of ripping death,
the wildest wastelands of abominable black and the darkest peaks of sinister rock.
or to be plain: on the A-side they kill, on the B-side you die.

High-class songwriting skills, supremely possessed execution & performance.
and a top-notch production will catapult this album to one of the most signifying & relevant releases in 2017.
Both immensely beautiful and intensely terrifying, this release will easily open the doors to the death metal pantheon for VENENUM.

recorded, mixed & mastered by Romin Katzer in Tonstudio-Katzer, Nuremberg (Ger)
artwork and layout by Timo Ketola

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