Worm – Foreverglade (CD W/OBI Strip)

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Worm is an American Necromantic Black Doom band formed in 2012 and fronted by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Phantomslaughter.

After releasing the first two albums, “Evocation of the Black Marsh” (2017) and “Gloomlord” (2020), by the German label Iron Bonehead, the band signs with 20 Buck Spin for the release of the third album, entitled “Foreverglade” (2021). In “Foreverglade”, the band practices a Funeral Death Doom with Black Metal influences, consolidating the musical direction taken in “Gloomlord”. With great production, courtesy of Steve DeAcutis (Evoken, Disma), the band manages to balance the oppressive and monolithic sound of Death Doom very well with ethereal and funereal passages and some more explosive moments, with emphasis on the excellent guitar work and the great use of synthesizers. The cover art was done by wizard Brad Moore (Morpheus Descends, Tomb Mold, Sedimentum).

For fans of Disembowelment, Evoken and Spectral Voice.

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