Cimmerian Possession – Sadistic Storm (TRANSLUCENT SONIC SHELL CASSETTE – 50 COPIES)

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On October 14th, PERSONAL RECORDS is proud to present CIMMERIAN POSSESSION’s striking debut EP, Sadistic Storm, on CD format.

CIMMERIAN POSSESSION is a unique signing for PERSONAL in that the band, while overtly sounding quite death metal, are authentically crust in the classic sense: ultra-metallic hardcore punk, literally crushing in their attack. The band’s also a special signing for PERSONAL in that they’re likewise native to Mexico, and their members play in some of the best-known extreme metal bands of the country like In Obscurity Revealed, Ravenous Death, Infesticide, and Remains.

Sadistic Storm is the aptly titled debut of CIMMERIAN POSSESSION, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more CRUSHING crust record around. Featuring the talents of Esteban Salcedo (drums and voice), Fabrizio Melgar (strings), and Alejandro Méndez (strings), CIMMERIAN POSSESSION formed in 2021, and that urgency – that sense of very real DANGER – can be felt across the 18 world-eating minutes of Sadistic Storm. The lyrical concept of the band focuses on misanthropy, without political stance, and an obvious dark tendency, executed across raging, crusty death metal. Altogether, it’s the ominously galloping sound of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

And CIMMERIAN POSSESSION are just getting started. Sadistic Storm will appeal to fans of Wolfbrigade, Skitsystem, Warcollapse, Axegrinder, and Prophecy of Doom as surely as those of early ’90s Swedish and Finnish death metal and, of course, early Bolt Thrower. Crust, kill, destroy!

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